Why Is It Important For A Teenager To Be Physically Fit?

We notice that as people become older, they pay more attention to their physical fitness and diet. We see them more attending gyms and getting appointments from physicians for their diet plan. That is all understood that as one becomes aged, he/she has to take more care of their body and all that they eat. Things, however, would get more manageable and better if you start taking care of it from an early age. Being careful about your health and fitness in an early, that is you teenage, is really important. Taking care of health in the teenage year can save from many health problems later on. The benefits listed below should be enough to encourage you to take care of your health as a teenager.

Physical benefits

According to several studies, it is said that being physically fit in teenage years is extremely important because it strengthens your bones and muscles. Teenage is your growing age, so you need to be active because it will help you grow faster and to your full potential. In addition to this, you will also be able to control your weight and not at any time of your life you will face the issue of being overweight. Another health benefit is that it will reduce blood pressure and helps to fight hypertension that usually some teenagers face due to their studies.

Fitness and IQ

A European study back in 2009 showed that there is a direct link between the physical fitness of teenagers and their IQ level. If the fitness is more, then their IQ will be better as well. About 1.2 million teenage men were sampled for the research, and the results showed that those who were physically fit at the age of 18 were more likely to be successful in their professional achievements when they grew up. Their IQs were better than those who weren’t careful about their fitness at that age.

Body image

This will probably be the most encouraging reason because everyone wants to look good, whether they are young kids or mature adults. When you have an attractive body where every part of your body is in proper shape, then the overall image of your body will be positive. This positive body image will result in a higher self-esteem, and you will walk more confidently amongst people. More than half of the problems that teenagers face are because of some dissatisfaction they have regarding their body image. All of that could be gone if they just try to stay more focused on their diet and exercise routine.

Maintaining physical fitness is not something that is difficult for teenagers. They have plenty of time because all they have to do is to balance their studies and co-curricular activities. They just need some guidance where they are given a proper plan that incorporates a 30-40 minute workout and healthy food items. Parents can play this role in guiding their children and encouraging them for a more healthy and focused lifestyle.